Our dear friends and donors, we are excited to announce that some of our talented Sanyuka children are coming to the U.S. from Uganda as musical ambassadors of Sanyuka!

The Sanyuka Children’s Choir, ages 8-16, are being brought to Northeast Ohio through the personal donations of members of the Sanyuka Board to expand awareness for the Sanyuka mission and to broaden the worldview of our children. We are humbled and grateful for this life-changing experience for our children and this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for them to continue their own amazing journey while also serving as ambassadors for the many abandoned and orphaned children who are being provided love, family, restoration, and education by Sanyuka. We are excited to share with our old friends, and new ones, the infectious smiles, joy and energy with which these beautiful children sing, celebrating in their unique way the loving kindness of our Lord Jesus Christ!

The Sanyuka Children’s Choir will perform from May to October 2019. More information about the Choir, tour dates and locations can be found at www.sanyukachildren.org. Sanyuka is still accepting bookings for the choir at booking@sanyukachildren.org

Please also mark your calendar for the Annual Fundraiser on September 14, 2019! Come enjoy spending time with our Children and seeing the Choir live!

Please click on video below enjoy this sneak preview of our Choir!!