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Celebrating 10 years serving Medina County Ohio. Thank you!
The Medina County Life Story ~ 
We Had A Dream 
Two sisters had a dream of creating a place where Medina County's residents could share community daily events, stories and news. We imagined bringing communities together to share life in a simple way. An innovative way. After creating, designing and researching for over a year, we launched to life on November 4, 2009. Medina County Life LLC (MCL)
Our Vision
Medina County Life will be sharing ​events, stories and news~ bringing local ​businesses, families, governments and organizations together by creating MCL as the leading community​ news magazine​ platform in Medina County.​ 
MCL platforming will be driving traffic through 25 communities using secured, innovative digital technology.
MCL will be reaching all communities by creating:  The Medina County Worship Directory, The Medina County Community Events Pages and The Medina County Business Directory by January 2022.​
Our Mission & Motto  
To bring communities together by creating the leading community news magazine in Medina County. Share Life Today.
Meet Us ~ 
ShirleyWare, publisher (award-winning photo journalist for The Gazette-20 years)   
Lorraine Barnett, managing editor (columnist for The Gazette/The Chronicle-11 years)   
Angela Huston, columnist Meandering Around Town (stringer for The Gazette-19 years)  
Russ Huston, photographer (photographer, The Gazette-2 years)   
BEAT Reporters (The BEAT Channel 22 partnering with Medina County Life)