It was Stacy Sutphen’s love of making treats for her dogs at home which evolved into baking treats for all dogs at One Lucky Dog Bakery, located at 45 Public Square in Medina. “I do a lot of reading and I am passionate about good nutrition so my dogs can live long healthy lives,” stated Sutphen.

The treat flavors always stay the same, but a few new flavors are added every year. Some of the most popular treat flavors are Monkey Bones, Dragon’s Breath, Pumpkin Spice, and the meat flavored treats. Sutphen also sells her dog treats at the Medina City Farmer’s Market, where she has a table every weekend.

Like most local businesses, COVID-19 has been rough for Sutphen. One Lucky Dog Bakery has been open throughout the pandemic. They had curbside pickup before COVID-19, so that helped them adapt to COVID rules in the beginning.

Sutphen stated that, while business was slow at the beginning of the pandemic, it is now starting to pick up again. Sutphen frequently disinfects highly-touched surfaces and requires her employees and customers to wear masks.

Sutphen has 5 Scottish Deerhounds. Their names are Fergus, Glenda, Tegen, Quill, and Rocket. Fergus currently writes a blog on the One Lucky Dog website. Fergus took over the blog from Finn who has since passed away. The blog covers everything from a dog’s health to toys and treats, all written from the dog’s perspective. Sutphen said that “dogs have a sense of humor more than people do.”

Check out the bakery when you get a chance, They also carry collars, leashes, toys, grooming products, and natural remedies for things like skin and coat issues, digestive problems, and more.

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