Many people love animals, such as cats and dogs. Unfortunately, most people do not realize is that a lot of animals are stray.

According to the Save Ohio Strays (SOS) website (www.SaveOhioStrays.org ), “800 cats and dogs die every hour because they do not have a home to live in.” Save Ohio Strays is an organization made up of volunteers who help care and work with stray animals and hopefully one day put them in loving homes.

People at Save Ohio Strays save different animals you can adopt. These animals are found in the wild, and people take their time out of their day to help and save the stray animals.

Teri Fodor and Kelly Wiseman, who both work at Save Ohio Strays, travel to different shelters around the community to find stray dogs and cats. Fodor, Vice President of Save Ohio Strays, looks for the dogs while fellow member Wiseman finds the cats.

After a medical and behavioral exam, they post each animal on their website and go to Petco for a monthly event to find a homes for the animals. Any person interested in adoption has to fill out an adoption application, which Save Ohio Strays reviews. Sometimes, Save Ohio Strays will work with other organizations such as Kitten Krazy, Fido Companion, and Wayne County Dog Shelter.

Adoption applications, which can be found on SaveOhioStrays.org, are submitted by prospective owners. Applications are either approved or disapproved. If approved, SOS schedules a meet and greet between the animal and potential owner.

Save Ohio Strays has had great success with placing the animals in loving homes. If multiple families share interest in the same animal, they will look at the applications in the order that they were submitted and they will make sure they are appropriate for the owner to have the animal.

Save Ohio Strays also support foster families, who may care for more than one animal at a time. One person is caring for 12 foster animals. Save Ohio Strays provides medical, food, and all general care for each foster family.

Finally, Save Ohio Strays depends upon 30-50 volunteers to make their organization run steady. Currently, they have 35 volunteers, and would love for more to become involved. Volunteers have a variety of responsibilities such as foster home, management, transportation, training, fundraising, and helping with events. They need more people to take care of the cats at Petco in Wadsworth, Ohio.

Teri Fodor loves her role at Save Ohio Strays because she loves working with the animals. She became involved in the organization 15 years ago.

Fodor got involved because she knew lots of dogs and cats were suffering for being stray, so she decided to make a change in the world. “In the United States, there are 3 to 5 million companion animals that get euthanized every year,” stated Fodor. She has the responsibilities of going to the shelters to look for dogs, assess the dogs for the foster homes, set up foster homes, train the dogs, and help with events. Fodor thinks the most rewarding part about working with Save Ohio Strays is working with the team and seeing hurt animals enjoy life again.

With Save Ohio Strays, animals are being saved and recovered from near-death situations. People who are interested in the organization can volunteer, donate money, spread the word of Save Ohio Strays, and remind people to adopt. If you would like more information check out their website www.SaveOhioStrays.org or contact them at 440-567-3585.

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