(Medina, OH) For nearly 90 years, United Way of Medina County has been committed to addressing the most pressing human services needs in the county. All funds raised in Medina County remain in the county to address the needs of Medina County residents.

Since 2014, the workforce needs of employers and unemployed individuals has been an area of focus for United Way. In 2015, United Way launched the innovative Employing Medina County program to provide individuals with coaching and customized employment plans to find employment and to assist employers with filling persistent job vacancies.

The unemployment rate in Medina County has dropped and sustained at a low level. For those who remain unemployed or underemployed, the barriers to success are often deeper than simply finding a new job. These individuals are often facing barriers that require assistance beyond the job coaching and mentoring within the program’s framework.

Therefore, the Board of Directors of United Way Medina County has decided to discontinue the Employing Medina County to redirect funding and resources toward the root causes of the underemployment issue in the county. Those root causes are often associated with generational poverty, limited marketable skills, recovery and re-entry.

“The United Way of Medina County remains committed to addressing the most pressing needs of individuals living in poverty by providing funding and programs that promote financial stability and address the root causes of poverty”, stated Cheryl Parzych, CEO, United Way of Medina County.

United Way has developed transition plans for the program participants and the staff who manage the program. The goal is to partner with local area providers to find resources for these individuals.