Spreading Optimism & Positivity in Brunswick

The Optimist Club of Brunswick is a service organization that has been in Brunswick since 1986. It is part of an international organization that has over 4,000 members in 115 countries. They shine a light on bringing out the best in people and communities, whilst keeping your head up high and staying optimistic.

Their mission is to simply bring out the best in youth and communities. They try to focus on using optimism as a philosophy for life, and to aid and encourage the development of youth. To encourage the spreading of their overall mission to others, the club hosts many activities. These include a fishing tournament, a beer fest, and a rhetorical essay contest, to name a few. They also host a golf tournament, in which they were able to send a boy from Brunswick to golf with a boy from Peru, Thailand, and Australia!

They also host contests geared towards children that include cash prizes, as well as scholarships. As you can see, they host many activities to bring the community together, but they also like to focus on helping individual families and children. During the busy holiday season, many of us take advantage of things that we give and receive. However, the club makes sure to give families and children with unfortunate situations a chance to at least enjoy the holidays and if not that, give help to families in general who need support.

“The best part about my role in the club is interacting with club members to achieve goals and help kids and the community. I also enjoy working together with others and striving and achieving goals,” Dean Holman, president of the Optimist Club of Brunswick, explained. “The most challenging part is managing my time and juggling schedules. I work as well as being the president of the club and sometimes it is difficult to manage schedules and events.”

Their greatest accomplishment as a club that they have achieved, over the period of time that the club has existed, is recognition and status in the community as a group that puts on events and completes numerous projects. The city of Brunswick may be small, but the hearts of the community have sure grown a lot bigger from some 16 people who dared to make a difference.

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