Capital Bill provides economic stimulus, jobs to local communities by funding improvements to Ohio's schools, infrastructure and public services

COLUMBUS—Senate President Larry Obhof (R-Medina) today announced the Governor signed the state's capital budget into law, a $2.1 billion investment in Ohio's schools, infrastructure, public services and local community projects.

The legislature generally approves a capital budget every two years, and the bill funds needed improvements to public services and facilities across the state, including schools, roads and bridges, and mental health and addiction facilities. The budget was included in Senate Bill 310 which passed the Senate unanimously. It also includes an emergency clause, allowing the bill to take effect immediately upon being signed into law.

“The state capital budget plays a major role in making needed improvements to our hometowns while at the same time creating jobs and growing our economy," said Obhof, who co-sponsored the bill. “Although we have faced serious challenges this year, sound fiscal management of the state’s finances have put us in a position to provide this stimulus into our local economies."


Over $171 million will be used for economic development and cultural projects of local and regional importance to boost growth and increase opportunities throughout the state. Below is a summary of key community project funding in the 22nd Senate district. A full list of community projects can be found here.

Medina County

$750,000 for Chippewa Lake Park's reclamation from an abandoned amusement park to a public park, preserving the site's historical elements

$500,000 for the Battered Women's Shelter serving women and families in Medina county

$400,000 for the Medina County Safety Services Complex used by local law enforcement and safety services agencies

Ashland County

$500,000 for the historic Schines Theater restoration

$200,000 for the Ashland Main Street Town Square Park

Richland County

$1M for the Imagination District's expansion, a collaboration between the Little Buckeye Children's Museum and Renaissance Theater to allow for additional local arts and education programming

$600,000 for a new Richland First Responders Safety and Training Center, a partnership between local law enforcement, the State Highway Patrol and North Central State College

$450,000 for the Ohio State Reformatory to add ADA and pedestrian accessibility improvements, allowing more Ohioans to visit and experience this historic site

Holmes County

$250,000 for a major expansion project for the Holmes Center for the Arts Theater

$100,000 for renovations to the Holmes County Jail


Investing in Our Schools

$305 million will be invested in local school construction, including repairs, renovations and maintenance for primary and secondary facilities. This is in addition to the $300 million already approved this year by the General Assembly in Senate Bill 4.

$452 million will be invested in projects supporting Ohio’s 37 public colleges and universities.

Investing in Our Infrastructure

A substantial portion of capital spending goes to local roads, bridges, water-supply systems, storm sewers and wastewater systems, and $280 million will be directed to local infrastructure projects through the Public Works Commission. This is in addition to the $255 million for the Public Works Commission already approved by the General Assembly in Senate Bill 4.

$253 million for the maintenance and preservation of Ohio’s dams, parks, trails, waterways and wildlife.

$62.5 million to support the Clean Ohio program which funds preservation of green space, farmland, open spaces and expanded recreational opportunities

$18 million to improve the security and efficiency of public agency websites and the MARCS first responder communications system.

Investing in Our Communities

In addition to the local community projects listed above:

$95.6 million will be invested in critical health and human services funding for mental health and addiction treatment facilities in communities across the state.

$280.7 million for renovations of state and local prisons.

The underlying legislation in Senate Bill 310 authorized the distribution of $350 million of federal CARES Act funding to local communities across Ohio for COVID-19 pandemic-related expenses.

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