Young pioneers attended school in 1819, just four years after the first settlers arrived in what is now called Brunswick. The historical society helps to preserve those artifacts from the young pioneers.

Heritage Farms is a city park within Brunswick, Ohio. Brunswick Historical Society is an all-volunteer organization funded through memberships and donations. The Historical Society is responsible for the building maintenance and artifacts within Heritage Farms.

Sam Boyer, a secretary and member of the board of directors at the Historical Society stated, “We emphasize this is not our historical society, but belongs to the people of Brunswick.”

The first settlers arrived in 1815 and the land that is now Heritage Farms was settled in 1818. Heritage Farms was purchased in 1817 by the first two recorded farm residents. In 1995 it was owned by the City of Brunswick and Heritage Farms officially opened to the public in 2000.

When the first settlers arrived family, faith, and education were the main treasures. The city purchased the property creating a place for the Historical Society at the front of the 32-acre park. The Brunswick Area Historical Society makes it their mission to honor and preserve an appreciation for those traditions.

All of the artifacts at the Brunswick Area Historical Society have been donated by local residents. Residents donate artifacts because they want future generations to know about past generations.

Every Sunday from mid-June to mid-October, the farmhouse museum is open during open houses. People can see the Brunswick-related and donated items in the museum as well as learn the story of the 1850 barn.

This coming year, people can also learn about and visit the “old school” building and housing artifacts that come from the 200 years of school within Brunswick. Programs, admissions, and parking never come with a cost so everyone has the chance to come learn about Heritage Farms.

Brunswick Area Historical Society hosts many programs including the Brunswick Youth Club and Sleepy Hollow Lake. “We present programs to third graders each year as part of their history curriculum,” said Boyer. “We try to show what Brunswick was like when it was founded in 1815 in comparison to today.”

Brunswick Area Historical Society is raising funds to maintain Heritage Farms. Any help and participation is greatly appreciated. One way they are raising money is through an online auction. You can visit this link to participate

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