Each year, eighth grade students from Brunswick get to go on a trip to Washington DC. As most trips are, it is expensive. To help raise funds, Edwards Middle School has a fall fundraiser.

The fundraiser, which helps offset the costs for the DC trip, has been taking place for more than 10 years. Edwards PTO has been an integral part of taking care of all of the details and ensuring that each class has their fundraising money to use towards the cost of the 8th grade Washington DC Trip.

The Fall Fundraiser sells items from Stroller Fundraisers. “This year we sold Butter Braids,” said Heidi Armentrout, Edwards Middle School principal. Butter Braids are a fundraising exclusive. They are a delicious pastry that is easy to thaw, rise, bake and serve.

“We encourage the entire school to participate in the fundraiser in hopes to make the most for each class possible to benefit,” added Armentrout. Generally, Edwards has over half of their students who sell at least one item. The goal is three items per student.

The fundraiser takes place in the fall. Product comes in before the Thanksgiving holiday. Edwards PTO parents volunteer to collect and total all sales, sort through the deliveries when they come to school, and in general ensure that everyone receives an accurate order.

“The 8th grade DC trip is such a highlight for our students. With the help of the PTO and this fundraiser, we are working to keep the trip affordable by all students,” said Armentrout. “My goal is that for any student who wants to go, they are able to go and we will do our best to offer as much assistance as we can.”

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