On Tuesday, August 3rd, in the sheep area, pygmy goats took the stage in an event that was both competitive and educational. A single judge tested exhibitors from the ages of 9-18 on their knowledge, handling and the goats in general.

Separating the judging into different age brackets, as well as the amount of years showing, gave everyone an equal chance of winning in their division and best in show. The event started with advanced, then following the order of intermediate, junior and finally beginner for the showmanship part of judging. Showmanship is where the exhibitor was judged on their knowledge and handling of the animal. The goat is expected to be walked much like a dog and placed in a certain structure while standing.

Afterwards, the championship showmanship took place, where all the first-place winners in each division were put up against one another to find the overall winner in the knowledge of pygmy goats.

Dominique Yatsko, intermediate division, earned the honor of being the champion of the 2021 pygmy goat show by answering the question, “what are the four chambers of a pygmy goat’s stomach”.

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