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Over 2.2 million Americans fly every day, according to Airlines for America. Whether they are heading to a Disney-themed family adventure or jetting off for a romantic rendezvous, the most indispensable companion for many of these modern, mobile travelers is their smartphone. Read more

We can choose a significant influence on how we age. We can choose to perpetuate the stereotype that older people are sick, weak and tired by sitting back and doing nothing to prepare for the coming years, or we can choose to chart our own paths by making conscience efforts to make the final… Read more


A new family entertainment center named Scene75 will open in Brunswick this summer, packed with fun for everyone. Alex Zorniger, Vice President of Operations for Scene75, said, “...the easiest way to describe it, we like to say, [is] a Dave and Busters on steroids.”  Read more

“During my years of providing outpatient Physical Therapy services, many of the people who were referred for my help for injuries, chronic conditions or joint surgeries were retired. During the initial assessment, many would lament that they now found it difficult or impossible to perform so… Read more

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The effervescent, playful Cindie Schneider who as a child dreamed of becoming a Rockette (but who also delights in telling people she is really Tyra Banks) is perhaps the county's most well-known, well-loved, supporter-advocate of the senior community. The outgoing, goal-oriented woman who h… Read more