Valley City Ohio News

Results from the July 25, 2021 - 60th Valley City Frog Jump Festival

In our 38 flights, jockeys jumped 730 frogs this year. Thirty-five flight winners returned in the Grand Jump-Off for a final total of 765 jumps! Will Frank, of Valley City, was named the Grand Champion when his frog Lightbolt had a final round jump of 11’5”. Maria Picone of Columbia Station won Reserve Champion with her frog, Larry, completing a jump of 11’0”. This prestigious trophy was sponsored by MTD Products. Reserve Champion was sponsored by Joseph Adams Corp. Jonathan Graf took the award for Longest Jump of the day, sponsored by Samosky’s Homestyle Pizza, with an impressive 16’0” by his frog Wall-E. The Shortest Jump trophy winner, sponsored by Valley City Vision Center was Kendyl Glancy with a diminutive hop of 3 inches.

Flight winners follow, noting Flight Winner, hometown, frog name, distance and flight sponsor:

Flight 1: Mickey Makrinos, Olmsted Township, Optimus Prime, 11’5”, Nowalk Tours

Flight 2: Madison Seigler, Brunswick, Hulk, 11’10”, MTD Products

Flight 3: Maria Picone, Columbia Station, Valley City, Larry, 11’7”, Bauer Funeral Home

Flight 4: Will Frank, Valley City, John, 11’4”, Joseph Adams Corp.

Flight 5: MaKenna Burns, Chippewa, Bob, 8’3”, Mason Builders

Flight 6: Gavin Bonnallie, Valley City, Winnie, 12’8”, Brunswick Pointe Transitional Care

Flight 7: Delaney Pillar, Brunswick, Splashy Jumpy, 9’7”, B & B Trophy

Flight 8: Jacob Mason, Valley City, Long Legs, 10’4”, McDonald Hopkins

Flight 9: Grayden Williams, Medina, Schmuck, 10’11”, Transitional Living Center

Flight 10: Ella D’Amico, Valley City, Poppy, 11’11”, Bracken Insurance

Flight 11: Hazel Holler, Streetsboro, Herbie 12’7”, Buckeye Dental & Braces

Flight 12: Scott Lynn, Medina, Silver Stripe, 12’0”, East of Chicago Pizza

Flight 13 Henry Piovarchy, Valley City, Rocky, 8’10”, F.I.T.

Flight 14 Kristen Wagner, Brunswick, Johnston, 10’5”, Life Care Center of Medina

Flight 15: Kevin Bacha, Seven Hills, Duke Deuce, 13’8”, Mack Concrete

Flight 16: Jesse Bacha, Seven Hills, Derek Fisher, 11’6”, MTD Products

Flight 17: Madison, Medina, Cosmo, 9’10”, Bauer Funeral Home

Flight 18: Mia Pekarek, Brunswick, Chunk, 11’5” , Joseph Adams Corp.

Flight 19: Grant Vance, Rocky River, Andrew, 10’10”, Mason Builders

Flight 20: Mike Wagner, Brunswick, Donald, 11’4’, Samosky’s Homestyle Pizza

Flight 21: Rya Fitzgerald, Valley City, Hoppy, 11’6”, Armstrong

Flight 22: Amaris Ewing, Medina, May, 8’7”, In Memory of Maebeth Kruse

Flight 23: Faye Fowler, Letta, 9’7” Brunswick Strongsville Storage

Flight 24: Kevin Dolata, Valley City, Puddle Jumper, 9’5”, Coffee In the Valley

Flight 25: Liam Boone, Brunswick, Jeff, 10’4”, Knott’s Diner

Flight 26: Jonathan Graf, Lodi, Wall-E, 16’0”, Kimble Recycling & Disposal

Flight 27: Ryan Love, Seville, Muddy, 11’8”, Linden’s Propane/Pepsi

Flight 28: Tim Lowe, Seville, Table, 12’11”, Dandy Blend

Flight 29: Marty Malloy, Westlake, Jimmy Who, 9’9” Shale Creek/Bunker HIlls

Flight 30: Norah Moser, Cleves, Kolten, 12’11”, Medina Country Club/Crossett Creek

Flight 31: Aria Thomas, Litchfield, Meri, 8’7”, Coppertop Golf

Flight 32: Marco Lentini, Medina, Cartoon Frog, 12’3” Keller Meats,

Flight 33: Kristen Raulie, Medina, Lilly Paddy, 9’2” Life Spring Church

Flight 34: Scottlynn Lentini, Jumpin Jazmine, 9’0”, David Schneider

Flight 35: Will Frank, Valley City, Lightbold, 14’3”, Emmanuel Church of Christ

Flight 36: George Pooney, Westlake, Cosby’s Revenge, 11’0”, A Room with a View Studio

Flight 37: Jacob Mason, Valley City, Froger, 10’11’, Mason Builders

Flight 38: Jackson Fertal, Medina, Chessie, 10’6”, Rick & Tracey Bowles

The Valley City Community Group (VCCG) thanks all attendees, sponsors, volunteers and vendors for participating in our best attended Frog Jump to date. A special thank you to WKYC and Betsy Kling, Chief Meteorologist for covering the event and judging the competition! Funds raised support VCCGs scholarships and efforts to improve our community.