Sample of one of Jennifer Leichliter’s products

What do you reach for in your medicine cabinet when you get sick? Jennifer Leichliter reaches for Elderberry Syrup to help keep her family and others who buy her products healthy. 

Not only does Jennifer, owner of Healthy By Jen in Hinckley, sell Elderberry Syrup, but also a variety of teas and honey. She plans to release some new products this fall.

Elderberry syrup is still being studied to find out exactly what health benefits it has. But, most of Liechliter’s customers use it in the same way. “My customers tell me they take it to prevent or shorten colds, flu and even for their allergies,” said Leichliter.

Liechliter’s business venture wasn’t planned, “I didn’t really think of starting a business,” she explained. “I suggested to a friend that she should give her sick child elderberry syrup to help the cold pass sooner. She asked me if I would make her some and I agreed.”

Word spread between neighbors and friends-of-friends that the elderberry syrup worked and more people wanted it. Leichliter now sells her products at Alison’s SuperFood’s in Strongsville, The Barn Wellness Center in Hinckley, and The Holistic Halo Salt Spa in North Royalton as well as at local farmers markets. She makes all of her products in Hinckley Ohio. Leichliter is extremely grateful for her experience running Healthy By Jen. “I truly consider Elderberry Syrup by Jen a gift and am very thankful for all of the doors opened and people God put in my path to make this possible. That’s why I give back to local charities for each jar purchased,” said Liechliter.

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