To protect the life and the property for the citizens of the City of Brunswick is the job of the Brunswick animal control. To most people pets are priceless, but the same goes for wildlife.

Mike Kellums, the Brunswick Animal Control Officer, helps to protect the animals in the city of Brunswick. He finds missing pets, helps free wild animals that may be stuck, and helps the sick wildlife from all of Brunswick.

Officer Kellums was not inspired by anyone to become the animal control officer. He just loved to work with animals. He started in 2001 with a part-time job for animal control.

A lot of training to become an animal control officer is done through organizations like the National Animal Care and Control, the American Humane Society, Opiate, and training through the Brunswick Police station.

When the position became full-time, Kellums liked it so much that he applied and was hired. “My favorite part is helping out the public and working with the animals.” He said. “I like providing the service.”

The jobs between a police officer and animal control officer are basically the same when it comes to the enforcement. But, the responsibly of animal control is responding to all calls referring to animals of any kind.

Recently, Kellums was elected employee of the year. This hasn’t changed his job to many. “People appreciated my willingness to giving to the public and giving 110% to my job,” he said, adding that he loves being an animal control officer and would trade anything for it.

The job of an animal control officer has the same conflicts of a regular police officer. Only the animal part is different. “This is one of my biggest achievements while being an Animal Control officer,” said Officer Kellums.

Anyone can become an animal control officer. If police officers enjoy serving the public and like to work with animals then being an animal control officer would be the thing to do. If the animal control officer goes through a lot of training then they could use their skill to become a federal park officer.

Many pets are lost and returned to their owners, but some are put up for adoption. You can adopt a pet that was lost and give it a new home. Contact the city at 330-225-9111 to adopt a forever pet.

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