HERB: Summer Savory

Growing an herb garden? Try summer savory, an easy to grow annual herb that will add beauty and bounty to your garden. This herb is a companion plant for onions and also helps deter the Mexican bean beetle.

Summer savory is a familiar herb and native to the Mediterranean, but many gardeners are probably not as familiar with this fresh garden herb.

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• Satureja hortensis L.

• Annual, Hardy Annual

• Plant Family: Lamiaceae

• Origin: Mediterranean

• Gray green, inch long leaves

• Grows 12 inches high, spreads to 24 inches wide

• Small purple flowers in July through September

• Related: winter savory

How To Grow

Buy plants or sow seeds after frost or seed indoors 4 weeks before last frost. Grows quickly.

• Full Sunshine

• Rich, moist soil

• Well drained soil

• Harvest stems fresh

• Harvest and dry stems

• Harvest seed pods to sow

• Grow plant indoors over winter

How To Use

• Bean and rice dishes • Chicken, fish, burgers, turkey • Dressings • Eggs • Infusions for oils, vinegars, butters • Marinades • Pickling • Pizzas • Potatoes • Salads • Soups • Stuffings