A family playing a board game to spend time together and hang out while stuck at home

Social Distancing: The View of a Student

The coronavirus lockdown affects students physically, mentally, and emotionally. This new lifestyle can also cause a lot of stress and anxiety. Many Brunswick seventh-grade students have different perspectives on how to deal with this situation. They do different activities to keep themselves busy at home. They also have different viewpoints on online learning.

“I believe that online learning is effective for some people but may not be as effective for others,” stated Savannah Mitchell. “However, to be effective, everyone must have a motive to learn online. I think that some people just need the physical presence of a teacher to teach them.”

Some students really like the idea of learning at home. Because they can go at their own pace and create their own schedule, they are more independent. On the other hand, it can be difficult for some students to learn online. It can be hard for students to ask questions and get guidance on their assignments when they don't have a teacher by their side.

Many students also learn better in a classroom setting than at home. “I don't think online learning is as effective as normal learning,” commented Mia Staab. “I think this because we don't get it to talk to our peers like we normally would. Also, because schoolwork is a lot less interactive than normal, we are just staring at a screen the whole time.”

“I think some people might be able to learn through online classes,” said Ellison Gillespie. “But personally, I learn better when there is someone I can connect with and ask questions to.” There are many pros and cons of online learning, but everyone has their own perspective and their own thoughts about it.

“Being at home pretty much 24/7 is boring at times,” added Rachel Bryan. “But, when you think about it, it can be a blessing in disguise. Although what's happening in the world is definitely not good, being at home gives you the opportunity to do things with your family that you have never done before or maybe wanted to do for a long time.”

Many families are very busy on a daily basis and do not have much time at home. Being at home gives you the chance to participate in family activities such as playing board games, watching movies and eating dinner as a family. You get to talk to each other and maybe get to know your extended family a little better.

There are also many things you can do at home individually to keep busy and relieve the stress you may be feeling. “I am staying in touch online with my friends and I am hanging out with my dog,” said Adrienne Raglow. Talking with your friends online gives you the chance to interact with your friends socially and helps you not feel isolated at home.

You can do any activities you enjoy doing such as reading, writing, or drawing. You could also try new things to form a new hobby. Emersyn Metheny explained, “Some things that I do are lots of puzzles. And, if I feel creative, I'll do a page in a prompt book.”

Even though learning online can be difficult, you are still furthering your education and doing what is best for you. Spending time with your family and doing individual activities on your own can keep you busy, keep your mind off things, and relieve your stress. Everyone has different opinions on this situation but everyone feels the same way you do. We are not alone.

“The best thing anyone can do right now is to stay positive and healthy, pray and stay on top of school work,” said Maggie Romano. “Hang in there, Brunswick. It will be over soon enough!”

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