Lyndsay Sturm is an 8th grade Language Arts teacher at Edwards Middle School, who has been teaching at EMS since 2007. Sturm received her undergraduate degree from Kent State University and her Master's from The University of Akron.

When she first started teaching, she was excited to finally have a classroom to call her own, while also being slightly overwhelmed with all of the work and pressure that a first-year teacher experiences. As time progressed, Strum became more confident and improved as a teacher. Before she had her own classroom, she student-taught at Brunswick High as an 11th and 12th grade student teacher. Sturm said, “I love working in Brunswick City Schools. I admire the sense of community that exists here.”

Sturm’s inspiration to teach was sparked when her mother became her Language Arts teacher for her 8th grade year. She admired her mom’s passion for her job and how rewarding it was and wanted to experience that herself. She explained that her favorite lesson to teach was on the book To Kill A Mockingbird. Sturm felt emotionally connected to the book and loves the lessons it teaches to adults and young adults.

As well as being a teacher, Sturm is also a wife and a mother of three. She described the teaching profession as a “balancing act”. She tries to organize her time wisely in order to get her work done and spend time with family. Sturm expressed, “I rely heavily on my calendar and staying organized with due dates, lesson plans, and meetings. Luckily, I have been teaching 8th grade for 13 years, so I pretty much have the standards and curriculum down pat.”

Sturm looks forward toward many more years of teaching and wishes all her classes well.

Sarah Keller, an 8thgrader at Edwards Middle School, is one of over fifty student “backpack journalists” (grades 6-12) in the award-winning BEAT Video Program. The program is sponsored by Scene75 (, Plum Creek Assisted Living Community, Baskets Galore, Danbury Senior Living, Medina County Women’s Endowment Fund, Medina County Community Fund, Brunswick University Center, Brunswick Eagles 3505, 100+ Women Who Care Medina, and the Brunswick Rotary Club. Go to to learn more about the Program, or visit to view videos produced by the students.