Medina author David Allen Edmonds' new book, "Indirect Objects," began with a bang, literally. Edmonds set the stage and then maintained a fast-moving pace of thrilling but disturbing events happening in fictional Stradford, not far from Cleveland; it is a community usually regarded as a desirable residential location because of its safe neighborhoods and good schools.

This second offering in the Joe Lehrer Mystery Series moves on from Edmonds' first book, "Personal Pronouns," in which protagonist Lehrer, a teacher at Stradford High School, and a few of his co-worker friends unveil some of the town's dirty, not-so-little secrets involving major corrupt political figures, heartless criminals, and their unfortunate impact on, among other things, the local high school.

"Indirect Objects" introduces Lehrer as a hero, with the Board of Education naming him "Teacher of the Year," identifying him as an Avenging Angel, a heavy burden to carry. Although he feels strong and diligent about having been instrumental in exposing some of the community's tragic misdeeds, he knows there are still more dangers to be feared and defeated, and he must continue to assume the hero's role and fight them to the best of his ability....but there are so many.

The lethal opioid crisis is ravaging Stradford, preying on and killing students, and Lehrer has to make choices. He can continue to try to avenge, but at what price? His initial attacks on the wrong-doers in the first book cost him his wife. Can he remain protected from further physical or emotional pain that now threaten him, his career, or the people he loves?

Edmonds, 72, a retired high school teacher, does an excellent job of creating strong, believable characters, pitting those who are fighting for the lives of their victimized students trapped in the world of drugs, against the malicious evil-doers from neighboring rival crime syndicates who are only interested in power and money with little or no regard for human life.

There are many twists and turns, along with a number of surprising events that make "Indirect Objects" a real page-turner. Not only will readers be anxious to "see what happens next" but they will expect to see more books to come in this Joe Lehrer Mystery Series.

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