Never forget! Those two powerful words were repeated often at the 9-11 Memorial Observance held September 11 next to Fire Station #1, on West Reagan Parkway in Medina.

The project, initiated by the Medina Rotary Club with the cooperation of the City of Medina, took almost nine years to bring to fruition, but today two key structures stand on the site honoring and remembering those who died September 11, 2001: a memorial paying tribute to United Airlines Flight 93, and an eight-foot steel beam from the World Trade Center.

In addition to a circle of pavers with names of local donors, 40 boxwoods surround the Flight 93 Memorial, representing the 40 passengers who bravely overtook the hijackers and diverted the plane at the expense of their own lives, the same plane that flew directly over Medina County at 10:03 that morning, bound for the Capitol and even more death and destruction; it ultimately crashed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

More than 2,800 died in the crash of the Twin Towers. Rotarian Kelly Low was instrumental in raising funds and bringing to Medina an eight-foot steel beam from the North Tower as a lasting reminder of that fateful day we must never forget.

Superintendent William Koran, Medina County Schools ESC-MC told those gathered there are no high school students who actually remember that day that significantly changed our way of life 18 years ago. We must instruct them, never let them forget.

Lisa Cinadr, Principal, St. Ambrose Catholic School, brought a group of seventh and eighth grade Student Council members to share first-hand the importance, and reality, of what this momentous occasion represented.

Colonel Dr. Reid Miller, U.S. Military Chaplain, delivered the invocation and again stressed: we must never forget.

Medina City Mayor Dennis Hanwell applauded the collaborative efforts and unity of the United Pilots Association, the firefighters, law enforcement members, all the first responders, and all the brave victims on Flight 93 who gave their lives, and asked everyone to keep our safety forces in their prayers.

Captain Josh Kellet, United Airlines pilot, said we could never unsee what happened, we would never forget the price in human lives from that day, and we must be sure future generations learn from history.

John Reyes, Rotary District Governor, NE Ohio #6630, praised the human spirit of all responders for their ability to face adversity on American soil.

People in the North and South Towers of the World Trade Center, everyone on Flight 93, people in the Pentagon -- more than 3,100 people died September 11, 2001. We must never forget!