The annual Medina County Safe Communities Coaliton Breakfast, an event that recognizes outstanding service from local coalition members, was held September 26, at Williams on the Lake,

In a statement, Safe Communities Project Director Jessica Miles said, "This awards meeting is our county's opportunity to recognize the tremendous efforts of everyone involved in the Safe Communities Coalition. It highlights the incredible amount of work the Coalition has achieved this past year and their commitment to improve traffic safety on our roadways."

Probate and Juvenile Court Judge Kevin Dunn was the keynote speaker. Among other things, Dunn told of remembering Trooper James R. Gross for whom I-71 near Ashland was renamed. The 27-year-old Gross was shot in the line of duty in 1996, after a traffic stop.

Dunn said truckers who witnessed the shooting immediately used their CB radios to notify authorities of the incident as they tried to block the shooter's path; law enforcement officers were able to capture him as he tried to exit the Interstate onto Route #18 in Medina. It was an example of how much can be accomplished through this kind of conscientious teamwork.

Congratulations are in order for the following honorees:

Sgt. Michael Mathesis nominated five award winners from the Brunswick Police Department:

*Officer Ronald DeAmicis/OVI Enforcement

*Communication Specialist Nancy Fitz/Dispatch

*Officer Jeffrey Holub/OVI Enforcement

*Sgt. Kevin Scullin/Outstanding Traffic Safety Recognition

*Officer Steven Szuter/OVI Enforcement

Sgt. James Sanford nominated one winner from the Brunswick Hills Police Department:

*Patrolman Nicholas Balli/OVI Enforcement

Chief Keith Keough nominated two winners from the Lodi Police Department:

*Officer Brent Haven/OVI Enforcement

*Officer Ashlee Miller/Community Outreach Leader

Lt. Scott Marcum nominated two winners from the Medina Police Department:

*Officer Derek Crooks/OVI Enforcement

*Officer Michael Wovna/OVI Enforcement

Chief Travis Colonius nominated one winner from the Medina Township Police Department:

*Patrolman Justin Harvey/OVI Enforcement

Lt. Matt Neil nominated three winners from the Montville Police Department:

*Patrol Officer Zach Denton/Traffic Enforcement

*Patrol Officer Joel Eckstine/OVI Enforcement

*Patrol Officer Cory Searle/OVI Enforcement

Captain Ken Baca nominated one award winner from the Medina County Sheriff's Office:

*Sgt. Scott Schmoll/OVI Enforcement

Lt. Mark Neff nominated one winner from the Ohio state Patrol:

*Trooper Dan Jones/Click It or Ticket Enforcement

Special recognition was given by Chief Terry Grice, Montville Police Department, to the following:

*Medina County Career Center

*Westfield Group

*Sanderbeck Family

*DePiero Family

*Schaffer Family

*Representative Stephen Hambley

*Senator Larry Obhof

The coalition, "a collaboration of law enforcement, healthcare agencies, fire departments, non-profit agencies, school districts, the media, and local businesses whose mission is to save lives and reduce injuries on Medina County roads and highways," promotes traffic safety through community events, educational opportunities, and enforcement campaigns.

To learn more, please call 330-723-9688, option 5.