Feeding Medina County, located at 650 West Smith Road, C-8, Medina, was the site of the second donor reception hosted by the FMC Board of Trustees.

FMC Executive Director Sandy Hinkle, Office Manager Melody Costello, and Operations Manager Dan Meagher were joined by several of the Board members in welcoming those special guests who share in their efforts to see that no one goes hungry in Medina County.

The casual but meaningful September 25 wine and hors d'oeuvres event was FMC's way of thanking those generous individuals who have been continuous supporters of the organization's goals to eliminate hunger, particularly among school-aged children.

Board member Nancy Gowe and her husband Jim brought jars of honey from their own hives for each guest to take home.

Donors to FMC have been generous in many ways. One way William and Linda Steingass contribute to FMC's food supply is by purchasing meat auctioned by the 4H students at the county fair and donating it to FMC. This past year they actually got the bidding up to $1,500 for one chicken, as much to help the 4H student as to give fresh meat to FMC; they wound up giving FMC many, many pounds of meat.

More than 19,000 people are considered food insecure in Medina County. An estimated 22 percent of senior citizens live below the Elder Index, and there is a childhood food insecurity rate of 25 percent (children who do not have access to a stable supply of food). In the course of a year, FMC packs about 34,500 Weekender for Children bags that provide three meals and snacks to more than 1,000 students throughout the county every weekend.

Board members serving FMC are: Chair Don Miksch, Vice Chair Daryl Kubilus, Secretary Cathy Posner, Treasurer Terry O'Connor, Jamie Marks, Nancy Gowe, Dr. Kelly Parker, Matt Marquard, John Gorsek, Marie Mirro Edmonds, Andrew Waite, Dane Sandridge, and Lucy Sondles.