Patrick Spoerndle has done it again. On the morning of August 5, for the 11th consecutive year, he set out on the Fox Meadow Country Club golf course to shoot 100 nonstop holes of golf to raise funds for HMC Hospice of Medina County, Hospice of the Western Reserve Affiliate, 5075 Windfall Road, Medina.

In the past 10 years, Spoerndle has led an aggressive campaign and raised more than $264,000, funds that have greatly benefitted the work of Hospice in the local community.

The 100 for Hospice theme has remained consistent: 100 holes of golf played in one day; 100 percent of the funds raised supports Medina County families; and 100 percent of a donation is deductible.

Spoerndle, president of 7-D Marketing, Inc., originally launched the campaign as a way of expressing gratitude to Hospice for what it did for his family, as well as for the entire community.

In order to solicit donations, Spoerndle recruited willing centurions (a leader of a unit of 100 foot soldiers) who each personally made a $100 donation. Each centurion then recruited at least five more donors who made the same donation, and in turn then recruited at least five more people.

The first year Spoerndle's goal was $18,000; he raised $22,000. In 2018, he set a new record of slightly more than $45,000. This 11th year's near-total is already more than $45,000 (several pledges are still coming in), bringing the 11-year total to an impressive figure of more than $309,000 and still counting.

A picnic celebration was held at Spoerndle's home following another successful outing, where an emotional Spoerndle introduced Sharon Borszcz, a dear friend who shared her personal experience with Hospice.

Borszcz described how, at this hardest time of life, when her husband knew he was going to die, they chose to entrust his final days to Hospice. She said, "It was the best decision we could have possibly made." She praised the staff who went above and beyond for everyone in the family. The experience reinforced her feelings that her husband would want her to continue supporting Spoerndle's efforts to help Hospice, which she and he fondly referred to as 'Pat's Place."

Spoerndle introduced Mark Dorman, who this year made a $10,000 donation to get to play the 100 holes with Spoerndle; Dorman and his wife had also had a very positive experience with Hospice when her father passed away.

Spoerndle thanked everyone who helped in any way to ensure another successful year, especially Fox Meadow Country Club for supporting his effort for 11 years. He said that as long as his body holds up, he is going to continue to hold this event. He then presented a mock-up of the check to Hospice CEO Bill Finn.

All funds raised from this event "will continue to fund our endowment to support the Volunteer Services Program offered through the Medina Hospice Inpatient Care Center."