For the second year, warrants were issued for about a dozen Village Villains who agreed to appear before the Hokey Pokey Magistrate, the Honorable - say it fast - Hestere Ickle, (aka Patty Martens), at the old Seville Jail September 15. The hokey Jail 'n Bail event presented by the Seville Historical Society definitely put the 'fun' in fundraiser.

The Magistrate, in full robed regalia, read the alleged "Hokey" charges as each "outlaw" came before her. Naturally, all were guilty. The "scoundrels" made, and in some instances, exceeded their $200 bail.

The Villains were photographed wearing striped prison garb and "cuffs," holding their "jailbird" numbers, in the 1881-built jail, which is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Among the charges were: Spontaneous Gluttony (for punishment) imposed on Barb Wagner, who always has so much on her plate of activities; Joe Wolfe, who was charged with Disturbing the Peace by howling at the moon; and Crimes of "Acronymity," lodged against Seville Chamber of Commerce President Brenda Norris, who allegedly uses too many acronyms.

Also on the docket, Medina Historical Society President Brian Feron faced possible charges of allegedly presiding over Board Meetings that last too long, impersonating historical figures, and conspiring with other local historical societies to promote an interest in county history. There was some question as to whether or not he would be a no-show.

Long-time Village Villain/resident Shirley Auxter, 91, chatted with visitors about local people and their history as she waited patiently for her daughter prior to appearing before the Magistrate; Auxter, who was married in 1948, still lives in the 1868-built Seville home she and her husband moved into in 1951.

If a Villain presented the $200 (or more) when charged, the Seville Historical Society donated $100 of the bail money to a local charity of the Villain's choice; the rest was donated to the Seville Historical Society's One-room Schoolhouse Fund and Museum Maintenance Fund.

Free bread and water, that strongly resembled donuts and coffee, were available for the Villains. Visitors to the fun event also had the opportunity to enjoy refreshments for a nominal donation, purchase raffle tickets for a handmade afghan sporting the Ohio State colors, and tour the local museum that includes a one-room schoolhouse, Captain and Mrs. Bates memorabilia, and a craft shop.

At the end of the proceedings, a prize was given to the Villain who donated the most bail money. The prize was a very useful collection of safety equipment.