[In Part 1 of this series, a review of how the Kiwanis Club of Medina (Luncheon club) became chartered back on February 19, 1920 was presented. This chapter will focus upon the club’s most cherished projects, programs, and accomplishments.]

In 1923, the Kiwanis Club of Medina sponsored a new Kiwanis Club in Wooster, Ohio, and in 1972, it also sponsored its sister club, the Medina Breakfast Kiwanis Club. In 1970, the Kiwanis Club of Medina chartered its first Key Club organization at Medina Sr. High School, and in 1977, these two organizations co-sponsored the first Medina Junior High School Builders Club. More recently, the Kiwanis Club of Medina has sponsored an additional Builders Club at the A.I. Root Middle School, and has, along with the Wadsworth Kiwanis Club, co-sponsored the charter for an additional Key Club at Highland High School (2002), and Buckeye High School, in Medina County (2017). It has also sponsored multiple “K-Kids Clubs” at various Elementary Schools in Medina, providing opportunities for altruism and leadership at even the youngest of ages.

Also in 1977, the Key Club International governing board of directors changed the Key Club By-Laws and Constitution to include high school female membership. Ten years later, in 1987, after a number of court rulings and appeals, as well as the revocation of some club charters because women had been permitted to join local Kiwanis Clubs, the Kiwanis International governing board and voting members finally changed their respective by-laws to also include women as being eligible for membership in any Kiwanis club in the world. Women have now been vitally involved with Kiwanis Clubs all over the world for just the past 32 years.

The Key Club of Medina Sr. H.S. has been an extraordinary organization over the years, having won innumerable Ohio District awards for its Achievement Reporting, as well as for its Scrap Book, Talent, Oratorical, Single Service, Ohio District Project, Officer, Member, and Advisor competitions. It has also spawned an amazing number of Division Lt. Governors, (23 to date, as well as four Ohio District Governors. Each of the awards mentioned above has been awarded to the Medina Key Club by the Ohio District of Key Club International on more than one occasion over the past 49 years of its existence. Moreover, three of the Key Club's past advisors (all long time members of the Kiwanis Club of Medina) have served multiple years as Ohio District Key Club "Zone Chairmen/ Administrators" and have won multiple Ohio District awards for their contributions. These club members are Jeffrey Eble, Terry A. Shuman, and Patty Barany. Mr. Eble has also served as the Ohio District Key Club Administrator, in charge of all Key Clubs in the Ohio District for many years now. The Medina Key Club has had only twelve different advisors over the past 49 years, and four of these advisors were previously members of the Medina Key Club during their high school years.

Some of the projects that the Kiwanis Club of Medina has conducted for many, many years now include (but are not limited to)the following list:

(1) The annual Chicken-Burger-Sausage sandwich fund raiser during "Art in the Park" day.

(2) The annual Mother's Day Flower Sale fund raising project.

(3) The annual Camp Manatoc cabin maintenance project.

(4) The annual Christmas Children's Clothing project.

(5) The annual Golden Anniversary recognition project, prior to the County Fair events.

(6) The annual tree planting and pruning project for the City of Medina.

(7) The annual sponsorship of several Ohio Boy's and Girl's State participants.

(8) The annual sponsorship of three high school Key Clubs and two middle school Builder's Clubs.

(9) The annual support of the following projects: Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Medina County Students of the Month, the Medina Community Services Center, The Medina County Society for Handicapped Citizens, youth baseball, youth soccer, Project J.U.M.P., Special Olympics, American Red Cross, The Salvation Army, Medina Weekday Nursery Scholarships, Arbor Day tree donations to elementary school students, Fall Foliage Tour Project, and Middle School Essay Contest.

Needless to say, the Kiwanis Club of Medina is extremely proud of its history, its past leaders and members, its sponsored youth groups, and its cumulative contributions to a grateful Medina community. It has been able to accomplish all of these things because of the tireless and selfless efforts of a visionary and altruistic group of dedicated citizens who firmly and collectively believe that each human being on this planet has a responsibility to "give to others", and to help to make their community, district and world...a better place. The Kiwanis Club of Medina has truly attempted to practice the goals set in place by the organization's forefathers, when they scripted the motto "We Build" only to replace it later with “Serving the Children of the World.” For 100 years now, the Kiwanis Club of Medina has proudly been attempting to build a better world..."one child, and one community at a time".