Just after surviving a car driving through the restaurant’s front window, Niner’s Diner in Brunswick, Ohio would face yet another, even greater challenge - the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Soon after opening their doors’ in 2018, Niner’s Diner became a Brunswick breakfast staple. However, Covid-19 has immobilized the diner’s most loyal customers, the seniors of Brunswick, which led to business being “down” as Ed Niner, Niner’s Diner owner, put it.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the diner has been in the process of reinventing itself in a post-Covid world. Some of these changes include adding online ordering, curbside pick-up, and soon Niner’s Diner will be delivering food all across Brunswick.

Niner said he has always set out to establish a “family oriented” atmosphere and foster good relationships with the residents of Brunswick. Brunswick was chosen as the location for the restaurant when Niner was browsing storefronts, Soon after he moved in, Niner fell in love with the “good community” where he set up shop. “I enjoy it, talking to people and giving them a good experience,” he said. “When you love doing something, it’s rewarding in itself.”

It was this love that motivated Niner to do “as much as we can” for the Brunswick community with fundraisers. One of these fundraisers included the diner selling corned beef sandwiches and donating 20% of the profits to Brunswick Hills Police. “We gotta do the best we can,” said Niner. “Everyone working together is the best way to do that.”

When COVID-19 winds down, Niner’s diner wants to be ready for its customer base to return. Future plans for the restaurant include a granite buffet table for all you can eat buffets and the addition of a dinner menu which he hopes will include his favorite meal on the menu, the beef brisket.

However, that’s not the only thing Niner has taken from his personal life into the restaurant. Many of the food items on the diner’s menu are named after family members of Niner. As a self-described “family oriented” man, Niner’s has hired many of his family members to work alongside him at the restaurant. For Niner, the Brunswick community is an extension of his family, which is why he aims to create a safe and clean experience at Niner’s Diner.

Niner says the one good thing to come out of COVID-19 was to see “everyone sticking together, shopping local and staying in the community.” Ed Niner extended an invitation by saying “if you ever want a great meal and great experience come down to Niner’s Diner in Brunswick and check us out.”

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