As of "press time" Governor DeWine has recommended:

  • All religious institutions consider limiting practices that could spread germs, such as shaking hands or sharing a communal cup of wine during communion.
  • Those in faith-based communities who are high-risk should consider staying home. Faith-based communities should also consider appropriate outreach to those who may not be able to attend regular services.
  • We anticipate new directives to come from the governor and Bishop Mark before Sunday. We will update you as soon as we can.
  • Please do not come to church activities if you are sick, and avoid handshakes, hugs, and other forms of physical contact.

Third Sunday of Lent

March 15, 2020   Exodus 17:1-7  / Romans 5:1-11  /  John 4:5-42 /  Psalm 95


Please do not come to church activities if you are sick, and avoid handshakes, hugs, and other forms of physical contact.

March 4th Message from Bishop Mark

Dear clergy and lay colleagues,

As a follow-up to Canon Brad Purdom’s email of last week, I write to offer an additional word of caution and direction about the safety of those in our congregations and communities in this time of heightened concern about the Coronavirus.

While COVID-19 has yet to be manifested in our diocese, public health officials are clear that its spread is inevitable. Information about how the virus is transferred is changing on an almost daily basis. It is important to take sensible precautions and make reasonable adjustments to pastoral and liturgical practices, as you and your congregation deem appropriate.

After conversation with bishops in dioceses where COVID-19 has been spreading, I suggest that you and your communicants should consider:

suspending the practice of intinction, both in the common cup and intinction cups;

refraining from drinking from the common cup when experiencing any symptoms of cold or flu, or if you have any suppression of your immune system (the Doctrine of Concomitance assures us that the sacrament is efficacious in one kind) - dioceses where the virus is spreading broadly are considering consecration of bread and wine at the Eucharist but suspending distribution of the cup temporarily and distributing only the host;

not placing the host on the tongue of communicants, but only in the hands;

exchanging God’s peace without making physical contact (perhaps by holding one another’s gaze for a moment rather than bumping elbows or other actions that might reduce the seriousness and solemnity of the exchange);

emptying fonts and other vessels of holy water used when blessing or crossing oneself; making hand sanitizer available to all, in obvious places; restricting Eucharistic visiting to priests for the time being, and being particularly careful when visiting those whose immune defenses are compromised or who reside in communities where that is common.

It is important to recognize that, for some, the physical contact experienced at church and in parish ministries may constitute the majority of personal contact they receive during the week. Refraining from embracing and other intimate contact may be a genuine loss for them. Consider other safe and appropriate means to respond to this pastoral need.

With fear of pandemic often comes a vulnerability to associate its source with people of particular geographical and cultural backgrounds. This has been tragically so with other previous contagious illnesses. Please remember that, in God’s loving community, the response to illness is to draw together with compassion and care, not to be separated from one another.

As we learn more about this illness, its mode of contagion, and how to protect one another most effectively, we will keep you informed.

I join you in keeping all those affected by this illness, and those ministering to them, in our prayers.

Interim Musings

Please make note that I now have a new cell phone number for pastoral emergencies: 703-963-2859.


by Brother Eckhart (Chip Camden, novice in the Order of St. Benedict)

Creature comforts

And why not?

All you have to do is

Give up a few rocks

These sun-baked stones

That burn your hands and cut your feet

Could soon become a desert treat!

Stop being so hard on yourself!


All yours for the taking

All you have to do is

Leave this lonely wilderness

Head right to the center of the noisy crowd

Drop in your branding clear and loud

Start showing what you've got!


Not as easy, but well within your reach

All you have to do is

Want it more than anything

Make it your top priority

Your one and only deity

Instead of your strange, silly God

Of Suffering


And Silence

Upcoming Events for Children, Youth, and Families

This Sunday (March 15th) - In our Godly Play class the children will hear the presentation The Faces of Easter IV - "Jesus Desert and Discovery Experience." Easter Egg candy contributions also start this week. There will be a box in the hallway as you come into the church to collect your donations of candy and small trinkets to put in the eggs. NO CHOCOLATE CANDY that can melt please. Candy pieces must be wrapped. Easter and Spring stickers are always good too. Our Youth will be stuffing the Eggs on Wednesday, April 14th Thank you for your donations.

Wednesday, March 18 - Youth Group 6 - 9 pm. Dinner starting at 6 pm with Roanne Lisi providing dinner. Our lesson this evening will focus on John 4:5-42, "The Woman at the Well" a Samaritan woman (a non-Jewish woman) who meets Jesus at a well and has a conversation that changes her life.

There will be No Sunday School on Sunday, March 22 or Sunday March 29 due to Spring Break.

Sunday April 19 - We will hold our Annual Easter Egg Hunt on this Sunday after the 10 am service.

Tuesday Night Soup, Study, and Compline  6:30-8:00pm

This Week: Teachings: Risking Challenge

Books are available for $9.00. (A DVD will be shown capturing the material which will be discussed each week.) Simple supper at 6:30pm followed at 7pm by study and Compline.

Medina Churches Join Together for Wednesday Evening Lenten Supper, Worship, & A Search for Truth

comparing common Christian clichés to the message and ministry of Jesus

Dinner and Fellowship at 6pm followed by Worship at 7pm


March 18th: First Christian Community Church

4797 Sharon Copley Rd, Medina

God won't give you more than you can handle.


March 25th: St. Matthew's Evangelical Lutheran Church

God helps those who help themselves.

April 8th: Medina Presbyterian Church

Everything happens for a reason

Parish Prayer List

Almighty God, mercifully accept the prayers of your people

Members, Families, and Friends

Pat S., Ted F., Linda D., Helen C., Norm, Lois B., Bob L., Bill P., Shirley B., Mary, Roanne, Philip S., John B., Cosmo, Judy M., Heather B., Patty H., Barb F., Carmen G. & Emmanuel M., Megan M., John B., Kathy C., Marissa, Bob A., Greg P., Tim C., Ross B., Barbara B., Gloria M., Jane F., Samantha M. & family, Lanna D., Graham A., Rose H., Michala & Zach R., Ron & Judy M., Ray S., Peg E., Joanne M., Roger T.



Jennifer Bracker (03/17), Kirsten Lisi (03/18), DJ Jordan (03/20), Susan Muffet (03/21)




For the Departed

Ray Sizemore Sr.


In the Anglican Cycle of Prayer

Pray for the Church of England


In the Diocesan Cycle of Prayer

St. Paul's, Cleveland Heights; Church of the Ascension, Lakewood; St. Peter's, Lakewood; and our brothers and sisters in Belize and Tanga (Tanzania)


This Week at St. Paul's

March 15 - 21

Office hours: Monday - Friday, 8:30am - 12:30pm

Sunday 03-15

8:00 am Holy Communion

9:15am Nursery Opens (Ages 0-3)

9:45am Sunday School

10:00 am Holy Communion with Music

Monday 03-16

6:00 pm Stitch Crafters Group

Tuesday 03-17

9:30 am Morning Prayer & Book Discussion

6:30 pm Tuesday Night Soup, Study, and Compline

7:00 pm Al-Anon

Wednesday 03-18

1:00 pm Needle Working Group

6:00 pm Lenten Supper & Worship at Medina United Church of Christ: 217 E. Liberty St. Medina

7:30 pm Over-eaters Anonymous

Thursday 03-19

8:00 am Men's Breakfast at Yours Truly

9:30 am Yoga class

7:00 pm Medina Diversity Meeting

7:00 pm Choir practice

Friday 03-20

Noon Stations of the Cross

7:30 pm Women's AA group

Saturday 03-21

9:00 Free Farmers Market

11:00 am Al-Anon


Serving This Sunday (March 15th):

Altar Guild: Kim Kelly, Bonnie Freas, Nancy Marquard, Barbara Michelson

8 am Eucharistic Ministers: Chuck Catanese, Kathy Stehno

8 am Lectors: Mark Weber, Chuck Catanese

8 am Greeter and Usher: Barbara Bougher

10 am Eucharistic Ministers: Mike Mozingo (Ps), Kim Kelly (PoP)

10 am Lectors: Bobbi Foy and Dennis Foy

10 am Acolytes: Kim Kelly (C)

10 am Greeter: Leo and Friends

10 am Ushers: Sean Hennigan, Todd Bracker

11 am Coffee Hour: Still Brewing

Home Communion Visitor: TBD

Counters: Chris Fulton, Robbie Burnett

Serving Next Sunday (March 22nd):

Altar Guild: Diane Scheel, Mary Jane Brewer, Tami KEck

8 am Eucharistic Ministers: Kayren Wurzel, Jeff Berno

8 am Lectors: Dan Gorman, Kayren Wurzel

8 am Greeter and Usher: Sue Gorman

10 am Eucharistic Ministers: Kim Kelly (Ps), Mary Anthony (PoP)

10 am Lectors: Jennifer Bracker, Marc Stamper

10 am Acolytes: Lily Ivey (C)

10 am Greeter: Leo and Friends

10 am Ushers: Steve Rucinski, Judith DuBose

11 am Coffee Hour: Still Brewing

Home Communion Visitor: Chuck Catanese visiting Linda Darling, Mary Anthony visiting Gene & Cynthia Dybdahl

Counters: Jeff Berno, Kim Kelly


Deacon's Dismissal

by the Rev. Josh Butler

How I met my Linda: Being too old to cruise Main Street in my hotrod, I joined a dating website. I paid the fee, loaded a few photos that made me look handsome, and filled in the bio. Then I perused the online photos of refined ladies but only one took my breath away. I wrote Linda the best letter I could. I received no reply. Despairing, I went about my lonely routine. One evening, returning home from the art museum, there came an email from Linda: “I saw you at the museum!” Linda and I married two years later.

Church Office Hours

Monday-Friday, 8:30am-12:30pm


The Rev. Beth Frank, Interim Rector

New Number 703-963-2859 (pastoral emergencies)

Mary Anthony, Christian Formation Director & EYC Advisor

Hugh Boyle, Sexton

Alan Higbee, Director of Liturgical Music

Marianne Thomas, Parish Secretary