While much of what you are hearing in the news is concerning, we wanted to share a perspective on Medina County. Medina County Economic Development Corporation has had their biggest week ever taking in 7 - SEVEN new project leads. These are companies looking to come into Medina County.

To give that some perspective, in an average year our office works with about 25 companies to bring deals to fruition. Last year we had 47, which was way beyond the norm. So far this year we have already closed 10 projects with companies that want to come to Medina County or expand their existing business.

In our recent tax incentive reviews companies from all over the county reported 2019 as record years with many reporting double digit growth. We have completed 58 business visits so far this year and the reports are, for the most part, about their plans for growth. We have heard from a few that business has leveled out but only one said business is slower than expected.

Our message is, hang in there! We know in Medina County that our business community is strong and resilient. Instead of making decisions from fear-inducing mass media sources, look to trusted sources like the Medina County Health Department ( for real information on what's happening and how to react appropriately.

We are always happy to help any business with any problem in Medina County, so feel free to reach out if we can help you!


Bethany Dentler, CEcD, Executive Director

Kathy Breitenbucher, Economic Developer

Sherri Patterson, Executive Coordinator

Annie Fink, Financial Coordinator

PS - Our board is considering how we corner the black market on toilet paper. If you have a stash, we'll be in touch!