March 19, 2019, Medina, Ohio - According to the annual County Health Rankings released by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute, Medina County is ranked 4th overall in the state of Ohio for Health Outcomes and 5th for Health Factors.

Our high ranking reflects the priority this county has placed on improving the factors that affect residents’ health, and it also shows how important it will be for us to sustain those programs if we want to stay healthy. For the following behaviors – overall, we are doing better than the state, but still have ways to improve to become a top performer.

“Since the first County Rankings in 2010, Medina County has consistently ranked 5th or higher. Medina county residents have several protective factors that contribute to our stable ranking, such as education, employment, and income level,” said Krista Wasowski, Medina County Health Commissioner. “The Rankings provide comparisons to other counties, the state of Ohio, and top performers across the country. This provides a starting point for our county to develop programs to continue to improve the health of our residents, regardless of our rank.”

· 17% of adults in Medina County smoke (23% for Ohio; 14% for top U.S. performers).

· 30% of Medina County adults are obese (32% for Ohio; 26% for top U.S. performers).

· Medina County has one mental health provider for every 890 residents (470 for Ohio; 310 for top U.S. performers).

· 51% of Medina County residents received flu vaccinations (47% for Ohio; 52% for top U.S. performers).

The rankings also shed light on factors that are making our residents unhealthy and what more we can be doing to make Medina County a healthier place for everyone to live, learn, work, and play:

· 20% of Medina County residents excessively drink (19% for Ohio; 13% for U.S. top performers).

· 8% of children live in poverty, increasing to 30% for Black children and 10% for Hispanic children (20% for Ohio; 11% for U.S. top performers)

· 6,000 premature deaths (8,500 for Ohio; 5.400 for U.S. top performers)

The County Health Rankings make it clear that where you live influences how well and how long you live. They provide a starting point for change in communities. We are working with local healthcare and government agencies, educational groups, faith-based organizations, and human service providers to set priorities and target resources. In addition, the Living Well Medina County Coalition implemented a portal, which is a digital meeting space for all county residents to share opinions, perspective, and needs to change and shape the future of our community in a positive way. The Medina County Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) identified the areas of focus: chronic illness (diabetes and heart disease), obesity, suicide prevention, mental health awareness/bullying, and tobacco use. Action Teams are developing programs to address these priority areas.

The Medina County Health Department will continue to review all the measures to help identify areas that our programs and partnerships can have the greatest impact. We all have a role to play. Working together, we can make Medina County a Culture of Health in our communities.

The complete County Health Rankings can be found at

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