As area residents are spending more and more time inside during the COVID-19 pandemic, data is being consumed at levels not seen before. Armstrong has seen data usage double in just the past week. Because the company has invested millions of dollars to build high-performance and reliable broadband networks, we now stand ready to meet the needs of consumers, businesses, and anchor institutions to more easily cope with the spread of the virus, affording our customers the ability to stay in contact with their families and neighbors and engage in telework, distant learning, and telehealth.”

Fortunately, Armstrong’s network has been engineered for the future and is handling the increase in traffic. “Our team continues to work around the clock, identifying customer needs and performing preventative network maintenance,” stated Mike Bricker, General Manager of the Medina system, “we are also taking steps to accommodate the continued reliance on broadband services over the months to come.”

Data allowances for all residential Internet service levels have been suspended for at least the next 60 days as part of Armstrong’s support of FCC Chairman Ajit Pai’s Keep America Connected initiative. The most popular level of Zoom Internet service recently had its download speed increased to 150Mg.

As consumers will remain reliant on Zoom Internet to support this new way of life, Armstrong continues to evaluate customer needs and make product adjustments. Customers will not only require Zoom for working, learning and communicating from home, but also providing the delivery of video, social media, gaming and many other ways of keeping families functioning well into the future.

About Armstrong

Armstrong provides industry leading high-speed ZOOM Internet with Enhanced Wi-Fi, advanced television powered by EXP, and telephone services to residential and commercial customers in Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, West Virginia, Maryland, and Kentucky. Armstrong is America’s 11th largest cable television provider, according to SNL Kagan, an offering from S&P Global Market Intelligence.